3 Rules for Adulting™: Go Like a PRO

You’ve finished all of the work you’re going to do today. You could be like Fred Flintstone shouting “Yabba-dabba-doo!” as you rush away from your task list. But wait, you’ve forgotten something important! Tomorrow.

If you just leave your desk at the stopping point of your last task, you will be completely unprepared for the next day. I bet you’d rather not worry about tomorrow when you’re trying to have fun tonight. Want to wake up tomorrow ready to hit the ground running? Go PRO with 3 Rules for Adulting™.

A well-spent 10 minutes or less at the end of your school or working day will save you time and headaches tomorrow. Here’s how to seize the day like a PRO:

  1. Assign yourself the time and kind of the workPrioritize. Record what you need to do tomorrow. Write or type this out and place where you’ll see it right away when you sit down to work. Rank each task with a number, with 1 as the most important. Plan to work your way through the tasks in number order tomorrow (Don’t skip any!).
  2. Seek feedback. Review. Ask yourself how the day went. What went well? What was good about it? What will you do again? What on your to-do list did you accomplish? What still needs doing? Which, if any, tasks can you eliminate? What can you do better? 
  3. Make adjustments. Organize. Reassign anything unfinished. Add anything new to your workflow. Number the order to address them. Tidy up your physical workspace, so that you can dive right into your task list tomorrow without breaking stride to clean. 

If you stick with your 3 Rules PRO protocol, you’ll be more effective when working and more at ease when off-the-clock. Yabba-dabba-doo!

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