What If You Unleashed Your Epic Self?

People are always telling you that there is a secret to a happier, more successful and more fulfilled life. If you knew the secret you’d be crushing it, right?

I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT a secret—Anyone can practice the dependable skills that researchers have shown us really do work. You absolutely can

  • Become happier and more optimistic on your own terms
  • Spot and develop the strengths that bring you success
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • Create a foundation of effective habits
  • Engage in a more purposeful and meaningful life

The trick is, you’re going to need a plan.

I’ve spent my career working with people who have tried and struggled to build self-regulation and focus at school, work and life. I’ve learned from my work that most people (maybe you) are only convinced by their own personal research, no matter what scientific research says. That is the genius of journaling: You can be your own researcher!

Unleash Your Epic Self: How to Crush it at School, Work and Life (UYES) uses a simple approach in an engaging journal-workbook format to bring you closer to the best version of yourself. It’s loaded with small bits of robust research, but without the fussy citations of a textbook. UYES uses fun color and design. It also guides you to notice and record what is working well in every day. It’s scientifically organized to give you week upon week of small shifts, away from what may be blocking your success, and moves you toward the future.

My coaching clients have benefited from these skills and activities for years. In fact every activity in UYES has been tested on real people who aren’t research participants, and the book itself has had a variety of test audiences whose feedback helped to shape it to be ready for you.

UYES is your

  • Hands-on guide to noticing your world when it’s working well for you
  • Book of strategies to increase positivity and optimism—the foundational skills of success
  • Set of tools for assessing the strengths you see in yourself—and shaping the way you use them
  • Scoreboard of wins on the path to more epic impact
  • Space for inspired reflection and dreams of your future story
  • Plan for unleashing the epicness in you

I can’t wait for you to Unleash Your Epic Self.

You’ll learn to both treat yourself gently AND be gritty and accountable.You’ll discover how to be your own boss (not what you think!) and seek measurable feedback.

UYES isn’t some watered-down version of research. It’s curated from the most effective tools in positive psychology. You’ll learn about actual findings that you can apply in your own life. Unleash Your Epic Self with the optimal balance of challenge and support you need to become your epic self.

Get started today.


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